Gary Mabbutt Speaks About Operation To Save His Left Leg

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Tottenham legend Gary Mabbutt has spoken out for the first time about the 5 hour operation he endured to save his leg and the 30 inch scar that he was left with after the effects of his diabetes clogged an artery in his left limb back in 2013.

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Mabbutt woke in the middle of the night with absolutely no feeling in his leg, he was taken to King’s College hospital in London for an emergency operation which at the time, the doctors deemed the success of the operation touch and go.

Speaking to The Sun, the Spurs legend  said: ‘When they talked about battling to save my leg, I realised I was helpless. As a diabetic you know complications can occur. But you think “It’s never going to happen to me”. It is vital to educate everyone with diabetes how to take care of themselves. If you have anything unusual with your feet, tingly toes, blisters, see your doctor.’

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Mabbutt was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the game of 17 but the effects of the illness have now taken their toll on Mabbutt and after the incident, which saw the ex-defender have his main artery replaced and over 100 staples in his left leg, Mabbutt’s dreams of a coaching or management role appear in tatters.

The FA Cup winning captain is now trying to raise awareness about the problems which diabetes can cause after being surprised himself to learn that diabetes can cause problems to the arteries.

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