Footballer Jailed After Killing Referee With A Single Punch

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Amateur footballer Bassel Saad has been jailed this week for a minimum of 8 years after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter after he killed a referee with a single punch as the official went to give him a second yellow card during a game last June. Saad played for a club in Michigan and had given away a penalty when he was about to receive his second booking before he lashed out.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 17.44.27

John Bieniewicz.


John Bieniewicz was the referee that day and sadly died 2 days after the event from the resulting injuries, his family were in court to hear the sentence given to Saad after the amateur footballer pleaded guilty to the charge. When sentencing the judge said;

 “For better or for worse, you’ve come to personify all that’s wrong with many people’s belief about the escalation of violence in sports.”

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Bieniewicz wife was in no mood for forgiveness and was quoted as saying that she hopes Saad will ‘never see the light of day,’ before adding;

“Before I go the one final thing that I want to do is I would like to serve Mr Saad with the red card that he was entitled to,”

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