Football Fan, Who Can’t Find Germany On Map, Suddenly Expert Bundesliga Pundit on Reddit

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A football fan has taken to popular social media and news aggregator website Reddit today, demanding respect from other site users concerning his opinion on footballing matters in Germany’s professional league the Bundesliga.

As proof of his prowess, the self-proclaimed “expert”, who goes under the Reddit username SuperClevzBundesligaPundit, was challenged by another user to point out Germany on a map but failed.

As a retort, the user, whose ip address was tracked as being in Rotherham, told other users “LOLZ. It’s not necessary to know where Germany is you twats. What matters is that u read every word I write and agree coz if you don’t your all fucking numptys”, reported a reader of popular subreddit /r/football.

The pundit, whose canny and succinct anecdotes concerning clubs like FC Schalke, Bayern and Dortmund have been affectionally dubbed “complete invented bullshit” by others, is said to have taken heavy inspiration from idols John Motson, Des Lynam, Gary Lineker and Alan Hansen.

I know everything there is to know about German football. From Ballack to bollock, Voller to venereal disease, Sammer to smashing yer mum, I’ve followed it for years”, added SuperClevz.

Whether he recognises that his beloved Club Brugge, the club for which he purportedly changed his affections to from Rotherham, play in the Belgian Premier League however, is still a strong point of conjecture on the social media centred site.

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