EPL Clean Sheets Record: Which Goalkeeper Has The Greatest Ever?

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Manchester City's Joe Hart makes a save against Borussia Dortmund

Joe Hart is a sure contender for the most Premier League clean sheets at some time in the future.

The record for the most EPL clean sheets will more than likely be broken this year – any ideas who is going to be the new crown? Or who the current number one of numbers ones is?

England and Manchester City stopper Joe Hart has been on fine form recently and after City’s 3-0 victory over West Brom last season; Joe cemented himself in the Goalkeeping Premiership Hall of Fame for claiming his 100th of EPL clean sheets in the Barclay’s Premier League.

EPL Clean Sheets Current Record Holder

David James. the EPL clean sheets record holder.

[/media-credit] Calamity James gets the last laugh…for now.

The man who tops the list is none other than David ‘Calamity James’ who enjoyed some of his best years at Liverpool before somehow ending up broke as a joke and needing to come out of retirement to pay his way. James was of course always seen as a national joke – a goalie to not be taken seriously and certainly not to be trusted in your team. An absolute pleasure to play against. Easy pickings.

This was always an exaggeration and a total underestimation of the keeper’s ability between the sticks. Sure, he made some howlers in his earlier years but he was often a solid choice whose legacy of brilliant match-winning saves will be overclouded by the fact that the British media love to see people fail.

The stats speak for themselves – checkout this table by SportsMail for the top fourteen keepers in the Premiership with the most clean sheets (There is a slight error – James actually finished his Premier League career with 170 EPL clean sheets. Cech still has a chance at top safe-hands bragging rights with a recent move to Arsenal and he is currently on 168 clean sheets – only two off top spot:

clean sheets in premiership

Petr Cech is surely going to the the king of EPL clean sheets this season – and it looks like Joe Hart (currently on 106 at time of publishing) is going to be a pretty safe bet for the future.

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