Do Tottenham Need a Rebuild?

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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium” (CC BY 2.0) by p_a_h

Tottenham Hotspur have improved under new boss Antonio Conte and appear to be heading in the right direction. But is that enough for them to get back into the top four and become a Champions League regular once again?

At the minute, Spurs are far from ready to challenge those at the very top. The latest English Premier League odds from Betfair show Manchester City at 3/20 as they appear to have already sewn up the league title once again. This is a team that Tottenham eventually need to get close to, but, of course, the gap right now is huge.

For those making a Premier League prediction, either at the start of the season, or now, the expectation is that Tottenham will challenge for a European spot, but which competition that is remains to be seen.

Can this squad get to where they need to be, and want to be, or will big changes be needed?

Are Tottenham Good Enough with Their Current Squad?

The big question is are Tottenham good enough? Do they have what it takes to be the fourth-best team in the Premier League with their current set of players, either now or in the near future?

You would probably have to say no. There isn’t just one problem too, Spurs could do with three or four new players across the pitch, and they cannot afford to lose any they already have because they need the depth. We saw the best of Spurs in terms of attitude and determination during their dramatic 3-2 win over Leicester in January, but when was the last time we saw Tottenham win a game by completely dominating a good team?

We’ve seen other top four challengers blow teams away, but not really Tottenham.

Who Should Spurs be Looking to Replicate?

In terms of teams that have had success recently, who should Tottenham be looking to replicate? Their best bet may be to look at what Chelsea have done. We saw Chelsea beat Tottenham 2-0, and there was a big gulf in class between the two teams, especially when it came to finishing their chance. The teams played three times in January, and Chelsea won every single one of them, the gap is there for all to see.

Chelsea have money to spend, that is no secret, but the way in which they have identified areas and improved their squad has been very impressive. They needed a striker, so they went out and got one. But rather than replacing what they had, they kept players at the club, so depth remains for the long challenge of playing in the league, cup competitions and Europe. This has proved to be key in helping deal with their long injury list.

They have also utilised their academy with the best players pushing through into the first-team squad, although some would argue they are too quick to sell off or loan out promising players.

Tottenham need to take notes and build the depth of their squad so they aren’t reliant on just a strong first XI. With Conte at the helm, they can guarantee he will get the best out of the players and backing him in the market is the right approach if they want to become a title challenger.

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