Danny Ings Helps Young Girl With Rare Illness Complete Her Bucket List

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Danny Ings has displayed his sympathetic side recently after vowing to help a 4 year old girl, who has a life threatening illness, to complete her bucket list. Ings was inspired after reading the story of Harlee-Jae Procter who has a rare genetic condition and arranged to meet her at Burnley’s training ground.

Harlee-Jae is a big Burnley fan and Ings is her favourite player and when they met, kind hearted Ings offered to help the little lady cross off as many items as possible on her bucket list and joining her on them.

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Ings told the M.E.N:

“It’s a nice feeling for me to meet her. Hopefully we can work together and tick off as many things as we can. I think we can do most of them.

“We’re going to contact the zoo and see if we can go there for the afternoon and we’re going to see some animals so I’m really looking forward to that. I’ve never been to a zoo so I’m looking forward to it just as much as she is. I’m really excited for it.”

Harlee-Jae’s mum was overwhelmed at Ings’ gesture and said: ‘All she’s said all weekend is “Danny Ings”. We never ever expected him to do anything like this – she just wanted to meet him. Ings himself seems equally as happy with the arrangement and remarked,

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” I’ve got myself a new best friend. And she gave me a kiss on the cheek as well which was nice.”

It’s so nice to hear a story such as this in a footballing world where people become so obsessed with celebrity, money and irrelevancy so a big thumbs up to Danny Ings for using his power for good, looks like he’s going to enjoy it just as much as Harlee-Jae.

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