Crazy football bets to place ahead of the World Cup

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Betting on football games is fun and entertaining at the same time but it can also go a little over the top to become crazy and in some cases totally bizarre. This is all down to the betting markets one chooses. Check reviews for sites like BetVictor to see which bookmaker is best for betting. There are the traditional one way and double chance betting markets where almost everyone flocks to but there are also some other betting markets which you might not be familiar with but offers a lot more in terms of favourable odds. Imagine betting on a specific player to score from his own half, it’s audacious there is no doubt about that but it is there. Ahead of the World Cup, you can place your NetBet World Cup 2018 Odds well in advance.

Below are some of the crazy football bets you can place.

Pick a player to score from his own half

If you are looking to make a big return on your wager during the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Russia, there is no better market than choosing the ‘Pick a player to score from his own half’. This market is basically self-explanatory, all you need to do is to pick one player who you think will score a goal from his own half. You are not limited to a single game if the team of the player you selected reaches the World Cup Final and he scores from inside his own half, then you win.

For the many doubting Thomas in our midst, it’s doable to win in this market as one man in the UK managed to do it. Adrian Howard sometime back picked Xabi Alonso to score from his own half when Liverpool was playing against Luton Town. Against the odds, Xabi Alonso scored from inside his own half with a sweet volley after he spotted the keeper off his line. For his bravery, Howard won $45 000.

First World Cup goal to be scored by an unusual body part

One thing that is certain is that there will be loads of goals during the World Cup. However, common knowledge tells us that the goals scored will come from either the left or the right foot and from the head. However, it’s not a guarantee that players will score goals from these common body parts. In some instances, goals may come from a knee, the chest or the back. If you play this betting market, you win if the first goal of the World Cup is not scored with the foot and the head.

Suarez to bite an opponent

Suarez’s history of biting opponents is well documented by bookmakers. With Ajax, he did bite an opponent, with Liverpool he did the same and during the last World Cup, he also left his mark on Georgio Chiellini. If you have a feeling that he might do the same during the upcoming World Cup start online gambling, you have three months to place a bet that has the potential of rewarding you with a cool sum of cash if Suarez does his vampire thing once again. Want to try your hand at a more predictable type of gambling, start using a trading app such as EXT Capital and become a trading professional.

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