Championship Manager Legend Cherno Samba Retires at 29

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Cherno Samba Retires

Today is a sad, nostalgic, bittersweet day to anyone who has ever had the pleasure of losing blissful months/years of their precious lives playing the iconic Championship Manager PC game (post 2001). Cherno Samba, the man who we’ve all snapped up for as cheap as chips, whilst leading our minnows up the leagues and onto Champion’s League glory, has decided to hang up his boots (in real life).

The Millwall academy player was given Ronaldo-esque attributes from a tender age and we simply couldn’t resist a Cherno swoop – immediately teaming him up with our proud Bosman signing linchpin that was Taribo West, whilst eagerly eyeing up a young Zlatan at Malmö FC. Real-life Cherno’s football career was with respect, far from the dizzying heights of his Champ Man pilgrimage, but looking at his Twitter profile description, he seems more than happy to accept his rightful place in Champ Man folklore.

Long may his name be mentioned on the lips of cult football fans in student bars, cars and pubs around the UK and wherever his Champ Man greatness was lived and loved. Good luck to Cherno Samba, I’ll never forget my proud dad feeling when he earnt his first England call-up, how he helped me to win the treble with my mighty Northampton Town team, and how he broke my heart when Real Madrid cruelly took him away from me. Champ manners of 2001 – let’s raise a brew to the many moments of unbridled joy Cherno Samba has provided us with.

The king is dead. Long live the king! Now take a few moments to think back to your greatest Champ Man Cherno Samba moments whilst we go and stalk Tonton Zola Moukoko.

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