Aiden McGeady With Crazy Story About The Moscow Ultras

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Republic of Ireland international Aiden McGeady has been spilling the beans about his career during a series of interviews with Open Goal and as you might expect, there have been some cracking football stories being shared. McGeady has played in the Premier League for Everton, for Scottish giants Celtic and also for Spartak Moscow, a move which puzzled many.

It was during his time at Spartak that he was introduced to the Ultras a.k.a. the fucking nut jobs who literally live, die and kill for their club…

“We had quite a bad start to the season, lost the first four games, we were bottom of the league.

The manager comes in and he goes ‘Right lads, we’ve got a meeting today, the heads of the ultras are coming’. The Spartak fans were passionate, really, really good fans, but they’d proper ultras as well. They’d fly everywhere as well, fly to Siberia, five hours on a flight for an away game, and they’d fill the away section. Unbelievable fans.

But I was kind of like ‘What’s all this about? Why are the heads of the ultras coming into the training ground?’ He invited them all in. They obviously wanted to speak to us, and he went ‘Yeah, in yous come lads.’

6 or 7 guys come in, one, the main guy who was talking, the leader, he was just like an ordinary guy, but the rest of them were all skinheads, tattoos everywhere. So he just starts speaking in quite a nice manner, he was angry, but he’s saying things like ‘We have to get better, we support you through everything, but we need more from you’, but while he’s talking there’s this guy next to him just swearing in Russian, and pointing at people. All the Brazilians.

The translator is translating for the Brazilians, and one of them, Welliton, we got beaten by Porto in a European quarter final, we lost 10-2 on aggregate, when Porto had Hulk, Falcao, they were unbelievable to be fair, beat us 5-1 away and then 5-1 at home, he was spotted out after the game.

One of the guys says to him; ‘If I ever see you in a nightclub again after a defeat like that, I’ll take the face off you’. He said that to the striker. And I was like ‘What is going on here?’

So this guy kept shouting and swearing, then at the end of it they were kind of like ‘Look lads, we just want you to do well, we support you through everything. Good luck next game, we’ll be there, come over and clap us.’

And then they walked out, and as they’re walking out they’ve all got guns in the back of their jeans…

How are they allowed in the training ground with guns? It was mental.”

Absolute maniacs!

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