3 Premier League Clubs That Could Be Facing Relegation

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This year’s championship will see three teams facing relegation. This refers to when a club finishes at the bottom of the table and has to be demoted to a lower division. Here are the three likely candidates of the relegation axe this season.

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1. Norwich City

Norwich City comes into the Premier League with 55% chance of relegation. The team returns to the championship after its relegation in 2019 when it lost all nine of the matches they played. However, it is still an uphill challenge to turn the tables in their favour.

Norwich City has a challenging start in the championship with a home game against Liverpool. Although there’s confidence among the players, the 2021/2022 campaign won’t be easy. It’s going to be interesting to see how the coach, Daniel Farke, manages to keep the team in good form throughout the season.

2. Watford

Just like Norwich City, Watford returns to this year’s championship after facing the relegation axe two seasons ago. However, there is still a 50% chance of the team going down again. This is after it lost its key players through out-going transfers prior to the 2020/2021 season.

Watford kicks off this year’s campaign with a home match against Aston Villa, a team which really impressed last season. When the two sides last met in 2019, Watford won the match 3-0, but still couldn’t avoid being relegated. As the championship starts, it remains to be seen how the team will fare through the storm.

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3. Brentford

This year’s Premier League championship is the first for Brentford since 1992. The team has had a good run in the English football top divisions which led to them being promoted. However, they still come with a 48% chance of going down again.

Brentford starts the championship by taking on fellow London club Arsenal in the opening week. There are key players such as David Raya and Rico Henry who will definitely come through for the team. However, we’re still waiting to see what will come out from this team.


Though the aforementioned clubs are the most likely candidates of relegation, there are others that aren’t very far behind. One of them is the vulnerable Crystal Palace which starts the championship with an away game against Chelsea. Others include Burnley and Newcastle United, teams that have faced relegation in the recent past.

That said, the Premier League is famous for being unpredictable, and can upset one club and grant another the safe zone. Although it is hard to predict as the championship is still underway, these three teams aren’t safe yet. This means they’d want to pull out all the stops in order to prove everyone wrong.

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