Roy Keane And Sir Alex Re-UNITED On Flight Back From Paris

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Business class passengers on flight AF1068, departing from Charles de Gaulle airport at 12.55pm must have feared the worst when they realised that both Roy Keane and Sir Alex Ferguson were on their flight coming back to the UK today. The pair who have arguably one of the most famous fall-outs in football were both returning from the Champions League tie in Paris, Ferguson had been there for pleasure and Keane was on punditry duty.

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The two ex-Man United legends were sat just 3 rows away from each other on the flight and apparently never spoke nor did they acknowledge each other, which is massively disappointing for the footballing world as we would much rather be bringing you the scoop on “Keane and Ferguson in Plane Fight.”

There have been reports that a couple of fellow passengers joked about the possibility of an early landing due to ‘air-rage’ but sadly Keane never took Ferguson up on his “lies” that featured in his book and despite Ferguson saying that “the hardest part of Roy Keane is his tongue,” Keane remained quiet throughout.

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Poor Paul Scholes, who was travelling with Keane after sharing punditry duties with him, was stuck between a massive rock and a very hard place as he had to play the role of ‘piggy in the middle.’ Paul should be thankful that nothing kicked off or else he’d have been the unfortunate mediator, and we’re not sure which side would be safest to pick.

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