Michael Dawson Calls Bullshit On Tim Sherwood’s Harry Kane Story

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Ex-Tottenham Hotspur captain Michael Dawson told TalkSport’s Alan Brazil this morning that he was surprised at Tim Sherwood’s comments about the club wishing to sell Harry Kane. Sherwood made the comments after Kane was called up to England and in turn has probably infuriated some fans who Sherwood also called out as not supporting Kane from the beginning.

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Sherwood went on to say that Spurs had wanted to sell the striker but it was him who decided to keep him at the club; “There were people at club who wanted to bring in another striker and sacrifice Harry Kane. I wouldn’t allow that to happen. They know who they are.” Sherwood said, but Dawson wasn’t too sure.

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Dawson told Brazil;

“I read [Tim Sherwood’s comments] and they were a massive surprise to me. Harry Kane has come through the youth team and knowing John McDermott, and people at the football club, I know how highly they rated him.

“When he used to play for the youth team and the reserves he’d score every game. We’d win 5-0 and we’d be asking how many did Harry get. It was like that.”

Dawson was club captain during that time and surely had an idea as to what was going on behind the scenes, so despite Sherwood once again tooting his own horn about how great he is, it looks like he’s been called out on this one.

Here’s Dawson’s piece on TalkSport.

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