Blackburn Striker Receives Sentence For Beating Up Elvis

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Blackburn striker Anthony Stokes has received a suspended sentence for assaulting an Elvis impersonator, the incident took place way back in June 2013 which left the victim, Anthony Bradley, all shook up with a broken nose and two broken teeth.

Stoke’s legal counsel had pleaded with the judge that they should not proceed with a suspicious mind but the judge seemed unmoved by the pleas and instead told Stokes that it was time for a little less conversation and a little more action before doling out the two year suspended sentence.

The Blackburn and Republic of Ireland striker was playing for Celtic at the time of the assault and was partying with friends in a Dublin nightclub when the incident took place. The victim had been angry after Stokes stood on his blue suede shoes and a fracas ensued, despite friends trying to tell Stokes that wise men say, only fools rush in, it didn’t stop the striker from laying a headbutt on the impersonator.

Stokes, aside from the suspended sentence was ordered to pay the victim, Anthony Bradley £25,000 in damages, almost as much as he paid for his new hair weave, after the impersonator suffered spinal injuries which apparently cause him pain across his back and neck in the incident which he claimed is ‘always on my mind’ before adding:

“I never thought I’d find myself in this situation,” he said. “I find it difficult to express in words the impact it has had on me. I’m now living day to day as I’ve lost the security of the job I had.”

Stokes has claimed that alcohol is the devil in disguise and will be avoiding any boozy nights in the future, sad times.

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